Day 4: 1/1/11

Off to San Jose to pick up the car. We got a large Hyundai and will easily be able to haul all of our gear to our snorkel sites. After picking up the car we explored the city a bit. Not much was open as it was the first of the year. On the way back to La Selva field station, we checked out the status of some of our snorkel sites. We looked at the Rio Corinto and the Rio San Jose. Although they looked fairly clear, they are moving pretty fast.

On the way to the lab tonight I found a Olive Snouted Tree Frog sitting on the bulletin board.

Olive Snouted Tree Frog (Scinax elaeochroa)

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One Response to Day 4: 1/1/11

  1. Sam Borstein says:

    I was walking on the trail to dinner and he just happened to be there.

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