Day 5: 1/2/2011- Off To Arenal

What a road trip today. We went from the field station on a long day trip. Our goal was to go to the Rio Cabuyo in the Nicoya Peninsula by Pijije with a stop at Lake Arenal to search for the beautiful Astatheros alfari and Red Cryptoheros septemfasciatus that inhabit the area. Lake Arenal is a man made lake that was flooded in the mid 1970’s. It is fairly large and is at the base of Volcano Arenal. We got a tip that there was a good clear stream around the lake to look at fish. Unfortunately, this stream was coffee colored today. We then went and snorkeled the lake, but it was far from better. Isaw few fish and were unable to find either the alfari or septemfasciatus. I did see some convict cichlids, Neets, and various livebearers.

It was then off to Pijije in search of the Rio Cabuyo. This river has a very attractive Convict Cichlid in it that has lots of yellow-gold on the body. In the river I found lots of breeding Convicts as well as breeding Astatheros alfari and Parachromis dovii. I also saw some Neets and a beautifol Molly with wine burgundy fins, most likely a Poecilia gilli.

Check out the Video! Sorry if it’s shaky, it was my first video shoot.

Astatheros alfari over fry:

Rio Cabuyo Convicts over fry: 

Parachromis dovii female over fry: 

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