Day 9: 1/6/11

Hit 3 rivers today, the Rio San Jose, Rio Corinto, and Rio Frio. Lots of fish, but very few breeding. The water is at the highest temperature, 72 degrees F.

What is exciting is today we saw lots of Tuba in the Rio San Jose, some even guarrding eggs and fry. Here are the pics and vids of them as well as the other fish from the river. The water was a tad bit cloudy, so the video is not great.

Tuba guarding eggs Video:

Tomocichla tuba guarding fry Rio San Jose

Tomocichla tuba guarding fry Rio San Jose

Tomocichla tuba “Rio San Jose” Guarding fry

Tomocicla tuba have the cutest babies

The Rio San Jose also had a bunch of other nice fish and a millions of Cane Toad Tadpoles!

Convict Cichlid (Cryptoheros siquia) from the Rio San Jose

Cryptoheros septemfasciatus in breeding color

Astatheros alfari (Pastel Cichlid) from the Rio San Jose

Cane Toad Tadpoles

Rio San Jose Neet in breeding color over fry

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis “Rio San Jose”

The Rio Corinto had tons of livebearers and some active Tuba, but no breeding fish.

Cryptoheros septemfasciatus female “Rio Corinto”

Cryptoheros septemfasciatus male “Rio Corinto”

Parachromis dovii youngster from Rio Corinto

Neoheterandria umbratilis

Walking around  the station at night led to the findings of more reptiles and amphibians

Red Coffee Snake (Ninia sebae)

Cane Toad

Juvenile Litter Toad (Bufo haematiticus)

Adult Litter Toad (Bufo haematiticus)

Off to the Caribbean Coast for some snorkeling near Panama tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Day 9: 1/6/11

  1. Kyle Cook says:

    This is sick Sam! How did you get into this?

    • Sam Borstein says:

      Thanks Kyle. I do phylogenetic research on Central American cichlids and my research advisor does behavioral work on fish in Costa Rica, so he invited me along. I went last year. It’s fun.

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