Day 10: 1/7/11- Rio Uatsi and Bratsi

We went right to the Rio Sixiola, the border between Panama and Costa Rica for some fish hunting today. This area has some nice cichlids: Convicts, Topaz cichlids, Parachromis loiselli, and Astatheros bussingi. Sadly, we mostly saw gobies.

The Rio Bratsi, a little river by the town of Bratsi and Bambu had only one pair of myrnae breeding.

It also had a neat banana goby, young Astatheros bussingi, and a bunch of young Parachromis loiselli.

Banana Goby

Astatheros bussingi

Parachromis loiselli

One of the neatest things I saw was this tetra feeding frenzy. They were attacking this piece of coconut. Imagine what they’d do to a cichlid nest!

The Rio Uatsi was super fast and there were thousands of gobies. I did see a few young Astatheros bussingi and some young Parachromis loiselli. I also saw a fish that resembled Tomocichla tuba, but can’t be due to the geographic position. Could it be the elusive Tomocichla asfraci that is found in Panama? Unfortunately, I got no pics as it zipped by my head.

Sicydium Gobies

Parachromis loiselli “Rio Uatsi”

Back at the station we saw a cool grasshopper.


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2 Responses to Day 10: 1/7/11- Rio Uatsi and Bratsi

  1. Joe Middleton says:

    Sam — are you saying tuba is not found that far south? I thought it was.

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