Day 11: 1/8/11

Because of our late arrival back to the station yesterday and our decision to go to the Osa peninsula tomorrow (10 hour drive) we decided to take it easy today and just do a hike. We did see some great animals though. We saw a gorgeous Blue Morpho Butterfly, but it wouldn’t cooperate with my camera. Check out some the pics from the hike. Tomorrow we try to hunt down the elusive Amphilophus lyonsi at the Rio Coloradito in the Osa. I won’t have internet acess, so you’ll have to wait on a blog post.

Baby Green Iguana. This cute little Lizard was just posing for a photo.

Caterpillar next to a vine.

Red Cup Fungus

Unidentified Litter Frog

Unidentified Rivulus fry. This guy was in about a half inch of water.

Cool looking vine

Machaca, a large (12-18 inch) fruit eating Tetra.

Owl Moth

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