Day 12: 1/9/11

Today we went to the Southwest. Our goal is to hit the Rio Coloradito in search of Amphilophus lyonsi and Astatheros altifrons.It was an early morning for the long drive ahead. We started driving at 4 am. In the morning I did see a very neat frog, the Smoky Jungle Frog. This large frog digs a network of tunnels that it calls home.

Smoky Jungle Frog Smoky Jungle Frog (Leptodactylus pentadactylus). The red eyes are really that color, not due to the camera flash.

It’s a long drive from where we are staying and we stopped in Rio Claro to stay the night. On our way down we hit two rivers: Rio Platonares and Rio Vieja. In these rivers one may find Tomocichla sieboldii, Astatheros diquis, Cryptoheros sajica, and Astatheros altifrons.

Neither had many fish spawning, although we did find some Tomocichla sieboldii pairs in the rio platonares.

Tomocichla sieboldii guarding fry in the Rio Platonares

Tomocichla sieboldii guarding nest in rocks in the Rio Platonares

This river was fairly fast flowing and there were tons of gobies.

Sicydium salvini

Awaous transandeanus

Sicydium salvini have fused pectoral fins that they use to hold onto the rocks in the fast current

Our next stop was the Rio Vieja. Here there were few fish breeding. Although there were a some courting Tomocichla sieboldii, the only fish with eggs was this Astatheros altifrons. Not usually known from this area, but only further south. Perhaps the actual distribution of this fish is greater than originally thought.

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  1. Hi Sam! where are these rivers located?

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