Day 16: 1/13/11-Rain All Day

Sadly, this is another very unexciting post. It rained all day today. As I’m typing now it has just stopped, but otherwise it was a constant rain to even a downpour all day. The Rio Puerto Viejo is muddy as is the Rio Sarapiqui. They are also extremely fast. A look at the Rio San Jose, Rio Costa Rica, and Rio Corinto ended up in disappointment as they to are extremely high, fast, muddy, and unworkable.

It looks like it will be tough to get another snorkel in before I leave the country as it is raining in most of Costa Rica. We may try up in the Northwest to see how those rivers are. Tomorrow we will try the Rio Jaco in search of hopefully clean, workable rivers. This river has an interesting yellow Cryptoheros sajica in it. It also has Tomocichla sieboldii and possibly Astatheros diquis.

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One Response to Day 16: 1/13/11-Rain All Day

  1. Mark Feldman says:

    That really stinks, Hopefully it gets better before you leave.

    Good luck,

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