Day 17: 1/14/11- Finally Flooded

Because of the rain today we traveled west towards Rio Jaco with a stop at the Rio Machuca along the way. At Rio Machuca there is only one cichlid, Tomocichla sieboldii. It’s a pretty looking location variant and I saw a few pair with fry guarding them in the swift current. I’d have liked to post videos, but every time I try to load one, you tube tells me an unknown error ocurred, so sorry, no videos.

On our way to Rio Jaco we stopped at the Rio Tarcoles. This was not a stop to snorkel though as it most likely would have ended with death. The Rio Tarcoles is known for its Crocodiles which are found all over its muddy banks. This is the same river that National Geographic and Discovery channel film Central American Crocodile footage at.

Boy, that’s a funny looking log! Rio Tarcoles Crocs bathing in the sun.

My new snorkel buddy

Rio Tarcoles Croc

This was the big Crocodile in the river. He was pushing 15 feet.

Rio Tarcoles Crocodile catching some rays of sun.

We finally arrived in Jaco, and the Rio Jaco was a disappointment. It was dry. We decided to call it a day. As we arrived back at the field station we were greated by a bunch of station workers who told us the river flooded while we were away and they had to move us. This is a slight problem as I’m now isolated from my clean clothing and valuables as the building I was living in has essentially been isolated from the rest of the station and turned into an island. Here is a pic of the bridge I have to cross to get to my room usually. It is usually around 15-20 feet above water. Here you can see it is about 2 inches.

As you can see, the water isn’t 15-20 feet below the bridge as usual.

All in all an interesting day. Sadly, I think it means the end of doing fieldwork on this trip.

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2 Responses to Day 17: 1/14/11- Finally Flooded

  1. Bubbie says:

    Sorry to learn of your flooded camp grounds. Is this flooding a result of global warming or something seasonal? Either way it’s disappointing to have your research project hampered this way.

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