Back In The Lab

Long time since a post! Sorry, it’s been kind of hectic with coming back out to California and starting a new semester.

It’s good to be back in the Fish Lab at Sacramento State. Of course, being away from the lab meant coming back to some dirty tanks. So far, I’m about half way through the cleaning process.

I was happy to come back to some fry though. The following fish have spawned for me while I was away:

Cryptoheros siquia “Rio Cabuyo”
Cryptoheros sajica
Cryptoheros chetumalensis
Cryptoheros nanoluteus

This semester I hope to spawn a few new species. Some of these are going to be tough and probably take a while:

Astatheros rhytisma
Hericthys bartoni
‘Cichlasoma’ urophthalmus “Moskito Coast”
‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum “Rio San Juan, Colombia”

I’ll have plenty of pics and videos in my updates of fish lab happenings.

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