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Melanotaenia australis – The Western Rainbow

I recently did a little research project on Melanotaenia australis, the Western Rainbowfish, to determine if they had a preference when it comes to the color of medium they lay eggs in. I gave the fish 5 different colored mops … Continue reading

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One of My Favorite Fish: Amatitlania sp. “honduran red point” “Rio Danli”

One of my favorite species that I’ve ever kept is Amatitlania sp. “honduran red point” “Rio Danli, Honduras”. This is an undescribed species that makes a great aquarium resident. I maintain a pair of Honduran Red Points at the Fish … Continue reading

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My New Project: Tomocichla tuba “Rio San Jose”

I’m very happy that I was able to get 6 Tomocichla tuba “Rio San Jose” that are doing quite well in the fishroom. These little guys are the cutest fry of any Central American cichlid with their bumble bee pattern. … Continue reading

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