Melanotaenia australis – The Western Rainbow

A male Western Rainbowfish

I recently did a little research project on Melanotaenia australis, the Western Rainbowfish, to determine if they had a preference when it comes to the color of medium they lay eggs in. I gave the fish 5 different colored mops and counted eggs daily from the mops. Overall, I sampled over 3,000 eggs in 14 days from 4 trios. A little tip for breeding them, green colored mops were their favorite, and they laid a significant majority of eggs in that color. I hopefully will have this research published in a journal soon.

Female Western Rainbowfish

The Western Rainbow is a very peaceful and easy species to keep. They only get about 4 inches and are active and fun to watch. They are jumpers, so it is important to cover the tank. They make great dither fish for cichlids.

A newly laid Western Rainbowfish egg on a strand of yarn. The white threads coming off the egg are adhesive threads that attach the to the site it was laid.

Developing Western Rainbowfish Eggs in a blue mop. You can make out eyes on a few of them.

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2 Responses to Melanotaenia australis – The Western Rainbow

  1. Bubbie says:

    Do you do your observations with the aid of a magnifying glass? The subjects are so tiny.

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