Tuba Update

The little Tuba are getting quite larger. I sadly lost two of them, but I still have 4 and they are doing great. They are now .75″ long and growing. These little speed demons cruise around their tank searching for food. The pattern seems to be changing a bit.

Tomocichla tuba "Rio San Jose" growing up

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2 Responses to Tuba Update

  1. helvin simms says:

    Sam, how are your tuba progressing? I have managed to find some in the UK and wondered how you have set up the tank, water flow etc.


  2. Sam Borstein says:

    My Tuba are doing quite well. Currently, they are closing in on 5 cm in length. For the time being I have them housed in a 20 long with a few sponge filters and an air stone going full blast. This generates a fair amount of current in the tank. More necessary than an actual current in the tank is the dissolved oxygen. Although a power head may create some current that will cause the fish to be less aggressive to each other, it isn’t a requirement, although I would recommend it for older fish.

    As far as diet, make sure you feed a good veggie pellet or flake. In the wild the fish primarily eats plant matter and detritus, so it is good to mix a veggie food in.

    I can’t wait for these to grow out some more. I plan to move them to a 40 breeder soon and then to their permanent tank a 220 gallon.

    Good luck with your Tuba!

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