Tilapia ruweti: New Fishroom Residents!

Long time, no post! The end of the semester has been busy for me with finals around the corner. At the May 14th Pacific Coast Cichlid Association meeting I was shocked to see a breeding pair of Tilapia ruweti for sale. I’ve seen photos of this fish and it is much more colorful than the average Tilapia. What was surprising is I got them for such a reasonable price, $10! It’s amazing the types of deals you can find at a fish club.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a photo of the fish, but while putting them in the tank, the amount of red, blue, green, and yellow coloration on the body was remarkable. This fish reminds me more of a Jewel Cichlid than a Tilapia.

I don’t know much about this species other than it being found in the Okavango Delta in Africa. I do know a little about their placement in Tilapia taxonomy though. Tilapia at the moment is going through a revision and will most likely be broken up into a few different genera. The type species of Tilapia is Tilapia sparmanii, a fish quite similar to Tilapia ruweti. This means we can expect to see Tilapia ruweti remain in the genus Tilapia.

If anyone has some experiences with this species, I’d love to hear them. I’ll try to post some pics later this week.

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