2011 GCCA Cichlid Classic

Went to the Cichlid Classic this past weekend. It wasn’t the best, but still nice to catch up with people. This was probably the smallest convention I can remember being at. The show was small, but there were still some nice fish. Here are some fish photos from the show.


Acarichtys heckelii

Amphilophus lyonsi

Heros appendiculatus

Petenia splendida (Snook Cichlid)

Vieja regani

Koi Angelfish

Jaguar Cichlid

Vieja heterospila


'Cichlasoma' grammodes


Vieja argentea

Chocolate Cichlid


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One Response to 2011 GCCA Cichlid Classic

  1. Sawboy says:

    Hey! I know that little Chocolate! BTW, that’s the dad of the fry I gave ya for your study.

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