New Tylomelania sp. “poso orange” Babies!

Today while doing maintenance on one of my tanks I found my first baby Tylomelania sp. “poso orange” baby. I had only gotten these snails a few weeks back, so one of the females must have already been pregnant as they only give birth to a live snail every 5 weeks or so.

Tylomelania are interesting as they are viviparous, meaning the embryo develops inside an egg inside the mother’s brood sac. Tylomelania snails then give birth to the egg with a fully developed snail inside. The mother and the baby snail then begin to eat the egg to free the fully developed baby.

The baby Poso Orange Elephant snail was surprisingly large, .5″! He is doing well and motoring through the tank searching for food. These are probably the cutest snails with their little elephant noses the wiggle around.

New born Tylomelania sp. "poso orange" baby. He's about 1/2" long!

The mother to the above snail. You can see why they are called elephant snails with their little elephant snout.

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4 Responses to New Tylomelania sp. “poso orange” Babies!

  1. When something is this small how do you see it? Are you using special magnification glasses?

  2. Sam Borstein says:

    They’re not very small, they are about 1/2 an inch long and about 1/4 inch wide. The babies are also quite active and are noticeable with their dark shell and orange body.

  3. Dean says:

    What type of fish can you put with these smails?

  4. Sam Borstein says:

    Poecilid livebearers, smaller tetras, cory cats, killis, rainbows, shrimp and probably much more. Cichlids are a poor choice as they will pick at the snails. Obviously, Botia loaches would be bad as they are snail eaters.

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