Visit To Dave Williamson’s Fishroom

Dave Williamson is a longtime member of the Greater Akron Aquarium Society and is the editor of their publication. Dave has dabbled with various fish over the years and has a fishroom full of diverse fish.

Dave has part of his fishroom set up unheated for doing cold water fish. Some of these are Uruguayan species and Goodeids, but many are native fish to the United States.

Rainbow Shiner, a native fish to the U.S.

Dollar Sunfish

Fundulus heteroclitus "Mumichog", a Native Killi

Fundulus rathbuni "Speckled Top Minnow", another native Killi

Jenyensia multidentata

Dave also has one nice salt water tank with a pair of Neon Gobies.

Neon Goby

Dave does a little bit of everythings. There are tetras, barbs, danios, cichlids, livebearers, loaches, killis, and even more.

Botia sidthimunki

Bumble Bee Goby

Cherry Barb

Chinese Algae Eater

Congo Tetra

Danio albolineatus

Danio choprae

Pseudotropheus demasoni

Diamond Tetra

Heros appendiculatus

Lamprichthys tanganicus

Mangrove molly (Poecilia orri) female

Mangrove molly (Poecilia orri) male

Pseudomugil furcatus

Scriptaphyosemion guignardi

Siamese Flying Fox

Nimbochromis venustus

Thanks to Dave Williamson for giving me a tour of his fishroom!

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