Tomocichla tuba update- 9/7/11

The little Tomocichla tuba I’ve been raising are doing quite well and have grown a bunch. They are now a little over 2″ long! They’ve completely lost their cut baby bumblebee pattern and now look like mini copies of their parents.

Tomocichla tuba

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2 Responses to Tomocichla tuba update- 9/7/11

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Hi Sam. How are your T. tuba doing lately? How large are they presently?
    I may be getting some juveniles in soon, and was curious about how yours are doing.

    Take care,
    Mark Smith

    Might also be getting in some juvenile T. asfraci too.

    • Sam Borstein says:

      Hi Mark,

      Unfortunately when I was out of town the heater stuck on them and I lost them all. Really a shame. Good luck with yours. They are fantastic fish.

      I’m really interested if you have a source for the T. asfraci though. I’ve been trying to get some specimens to raise some pairs that I could breed for my research.

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