Tylomelania gemmifera “Yellow Antenna” Baby!

Got my first baby from my group of Tylomelania gemmifera “Yellow Antenna”. This is a very attractive snail species from the island of  Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is endemic to Lake Matano. Although it is a rather inactive species compared to some of the other Tylomelania, they are quite attractive. The shell is black with a white tip usually from corrosion and the foot is black, usually with yellow spots. This species has yellow antenna and yellow lips.

Tylomelania gemmifer has a very attractive black shell with some gray at the tip

This Yellow Antenna Snail is climbing up the glass. You can see the yellow lips this snail has.

It's pretty obvious why this is called the Yellow Antenna Snail

The babies are identical copies of mom and dad. Like all other Tylomelania snails, they are viviparous. vivipary is where the egg is nurtured inside the mother within a brood pouch. Once the baby is fully formed, the female lays the egg and a fully formed, functioning baby is born. Newborn Tylomelania gemmifera are about 1/3″ in length when born.

Newborn baby Tylomelania gemmifera are identical to the adults when born. This guy is about 1/3" long.

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