Visit To Wayne Toven’s Fishroom

Wayne Tovenis a longtime member of the Greater Akron Aquarium Society and is the. Wayne has played with various fish over the years and has a fishroom full of diverse fish. Wayne Has a little bit of everything in his fishroom, from labyrinth fish, cichlids, livebearers, eels, loaches, gobies, and more.

Dave had quite the collection of labyrinth fish. I’ve never seen so many Ctenopoma in my life!

Betta rutilans

Betta bellica


Betta falx


Betta unimaculata


Microctenopoma ansorgii


Ctenopoma kingsleyi

One of Wayne's monster Leopard Ctenopoma. This thing was 8-9"!


Ctenopoma occelatum


Microctenopoma fasciolatum

Wayne had some neat livebearers!

Brachyraphis rosen, the Cardinal Bishop. A poor photo of a fantastic fish.

Heterandria formosa "gold"


Leopard Goodeid


Xenotoca variata

Catfish were abundant in Wayne’s fishroom.

Brochis splendens


Corydoras ehrhardti


Corydoras napoensis


Corydoras sterbai


Electric Catfish


Panaque nigrolineatus


Synodontis decora


Synodontis euptera

Cichlids were common residents of Wayne’s tanks.

Pelmatochromis buettikoferi, a very cool uncommon cichlid.


Ptychochromis sp. "northern red fin"


Jack Dempsey


Neolamprologus marunguensis


Neolamprologus falcicula

Wayne loves loaches.

Botia almorhae


Botia sidthumunki


Tiger Loach

To add to the diversity of Wayne’s fishroom:

Melanotaenia lacustris


A large Polypterus senegalus


One of the many monster tinfoil barbs Wayne keeps

A big thanks to Wayne for giving me a tour to his fishroom!

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