Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo State Park

A few weeks ago my animal behavior class had a class field trip to Ano Nuevo State Park to look at the elephant seals there. Around December-February the elephant seals come to the Ano Nuevo beaches to give birth to there pups and to also breed for the next year. There were tons of seals on the beaches and they were large. Here is some video and photos from the trip. The voices in the video are a mix of our guides as well as elephant seal vocalizations, which are rather loud.

A beautiful sunny California day to look at Elephant Seals

A group of elephant seals doing their thing on the beach

Mommy elephant seal and her pup

This male elephant seal wasn't large enough to hold a territory, so he's just lounging around by himself

Not all seal pups make it. This little guy became a coyote meal.

In the videos below, you’ll see all the elephant seals are throwing sand on themselves. They do this when it is hot out as they get very warm because of their large amounts of blubber. It’s not known if it cools them down or if it is done to prevent a sun burn. The videos are pretty bad quality and I apologize for that. They were taken on my phone.

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