A Visit to Scott Womack’s Fishroom

Over spring break while I was back in Chicago I was able to stop by fellow GCCA member Scott Womack’s fishroom. Scott mostly keeps Central and South American cichlids and has a reputation for breeding some of the harder to keep and spawn new world cichlids. Scott has some great diversity in his fishroom with fish from all over the Americas as well as some very nice Tanganyikan and South American catfish.

By far though, Scott’s most impressive fish are his breeding pair of Parrot cichlids, Hoplarchus psittacus. Why they even name those hybrid abominations coming out of Asia the same name is a disservice to Hoplarchus psittacus, as it is a stunning species.

A gorgeous female Hoplarchus psittacus, the true Parrot Cichlid from South America. Scott’s are from Colombia.

A male Hoplarchus psittacus

Hoplarchus psitacus female

Scott’s young male Hoplarchus psittacus was fairly large, around 11″. This species get to be a good sized fish that tops out around 16″.

Scott’s Parrot Cichlids were courting and getting ready to spawn.

The pair of Hoplarchus psittacus were quite defensive over their spawning territory.

Scott had this large brute of a male Amphilophus flaveolus from Nicaragua.

The one Characin Scott was keeping were Silver Dollars

These juvenile Peacock Bass were around 8″ in length. The species is Cichla monoculus.

Crenicichla sp. “Atabopo” is a beautiful Pike Cichlid.

Scott was still keeping a wild pair of one of the nicest location morphs of convicts you can find that he got from me around a year ago. They are Amatitlania siquia “Rio Cabuyo, Nicoya Peninsula”.

I’d like to thank Scott for giving me a tour of his fishroom and giving me a few of his beautiful Parrot Cichlid fry to take back to California.

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