Fish From Home Pt. 1: The Cichlids

Last week was spring break so I was able to go home and spend some time with my family back in Chicago. There are some really neat fish still in the tanks back in the midwest. By far one of the coolest is Amphilophus hogaboomorum “Rio Choluteca”. There was an F1 pair with a massive school of fry that were very colorful. Check out the video below to see the fantastic parental behavior. This is why I keep cichlids! Enjoy the pics!

Amphilophus hogaboomorum “Rio Choluteca, Honduras” male in breeding color

Amphilophus hogaboomorum “Rio Choluteca, Honduras” female defending fry

Paratheraps hartwegi female defending her eggs

Paratilapia sp. “andapa” is a colorful species, yet Vulnerable in the wild due to introduced fish species and habitat loss

Chromidotilapia kingsleyae is a cool sand sifting West African species

I think ‘Cichlasoma’ festae is arguably the most colorful new world cichlid readily available on the market. Females, like the one in this photo are especially pretty with a fire engine red color and blue/green spangles.

Male ‘Cichlasoma’ festae are not as pretty as the females but still a very nice blue/green fish

Aulonocara sp. “lwanda” is a popular peacock in the hobby at the moment due to its fabulous coloration

Aulonocara stuartgranti “Usisya”, the Flavescent Peacock

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