Fish From Home Pt. 2: Livebearers

Long time no post. Unfortunately, school has gotten the best of my time lately. Here are some of the livebearers that are being kept at my home in Chicago that I was able to see during spring break.

Poecilia latipinna female- The sailfin molly

Xiphophorus mayae is an impressive swordtail species

Neoheterandria elegans, known as the Tiger Teddy is a little livebearer from Colombia that rarely reaches 1″ in length.

Limia sp. “tiger” is a fairly popular species in the trade

Limia nigrofasciata males have a distinct body shape with humped back, giving them the common name the Humpback Limia

Gambusia hurtadoi is a pretty Mosquitofish from Mexico. Here is a female.

Male Gambusia hurtadoi are quite pretty for a Mosquitofish

Ameca splendens, the Butterfly Goodeid is arguably the most popular goodeid in the aquarium hobby

Who needs all the crazy manmade color variants of Swordtails when a wild type fish is this beautiful! This Swordtail is Xiphophorus helleri “Rio Otapa”

Characodon audax “el Toboso” is a stunning Goodeid with a beautiful color contrast

Goodea gracilis is a robust and easy to keep livebearer

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1 Response to Fish From Home Pt. 2: Livebearers

  1. Those swordtails are awesome! Nice photos!

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