Setting Up the Six Foot Tank

I recently got access to using a 180 gallon tank in our lab to hopefully breed some fish for my research. I set it up the other day and am quite excited to get some fish in it in a few days. The main reason for setting up the tank was an attempt to breed my ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum Rio San Jose, Colombia. They are beautiful fish, but highly aggressive.

180 gallon all set up and ready for fish!

I wanted to make this tank a riverine tank. Not only does it fit the habitat that the fish come from, but it also cuts down on aggression as if a fish wants to attack another individual, he’s really got to move through the current to get to him! The tank has four sponge filters all rolling on high and a 1,850 gallon per hour pond filter pump creating a fantastic current in the tank.

Other tank furnishings include a four foot piece of driftwood, numerous rocks, flower pots, and a few large diameter pieces of pvc for hiding places. I used pool filter sand as a substrate. Not only is pool filter sand safe to use, it is rather clean and has a very nice grain size.

Hopefully this tank set up works. ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum are strangely a really shy fish, but quite aggressive and territorial to one another.

Keep on checking out the blog for updates on the tank! Hopefully will have some pics up on Tuesday of the fish in the tank!

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