The Fish Are In The New Tank!

With the new 6 foot tank up and running and looking great I added some fish to the tank. The main goal of the tank is to set up my ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum “Rio San Juan, Colombia” up to spawn for a research project. I was extremely worried that the tank wouldn’t be large enough for the six ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum to live peacefully as I’ve had trouble managing their aggression in the past. I therefore added two wild Texas Cichlids, Herichthys cyanoguttatus to the tank. Quite surprisingly, the biggest Texas Cichlid I had turned out to be quite the bully and is now king of the tank. Another interesting twist is that it appears that my Texas Cichlids have also paired off and look like they are going to spawn soon.

This wild Herichthys cyanoguttatus “Rio Comal, Texas” wound up becoming king of the tank

Herichthys cyanoguttatus, the Texas Cichlid, is the only cichlid Native to the United States

While the ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum have had their squabbles in the new tank but so far have been a lot less difficult to keep than I expected (knock on wood). Hopefully I can get a spawn out of them over the summer. Unfortunately it looks like my group consists of five males and only one female. There is a smaller individual in the group that I’m not quite sure what its sex is. Hopefully it will turn out to be a female.

The ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum in the tank are from the Rio San Juan, Colombia. This individual is a male.

Apparently right under this piece of driftwood is a pretty good territory. These two ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum are having a bit of a quarrel over who gets the spot.

Female ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum are quite pretty with a bright orange belly.

This is my small ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum. I’m not quite sure what the sex of the fish is, but I’m hoping it’s another female to balance out the sex ratio in the tank a little bit.

Overall, the tank has been far less problematic than I thought it would be in regards to managing aggression. While it was pretty rough and tumble for the first couple of days, its since mellowed down, although if the Texas Cichlids breed, it could get interesting. I attribute a lot of this to the current ripping through the tank. It  really cuts down on the aggression in my opinion. If a fish is going to go attack another fish, he really has to want it as he’s going to have to fight the current.

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