New Tylomelania!

A little over a month ago I placed an order with Tim Bell in Houston, Texas to order some more Tylomelania snails. I got 5 species, four of which I never kept before and one that I wanted to get to make a current colony larger. The snails came in fantastic shape. Here is what I got:

Tylomelania sp. “dwarf neon yellow” is a colorful and small species from Lake Poso. This species tops out at around 1″ in length.

Tylomelania gemmifera “Yellow Spot/Yellow Antenna Tylomelania”

Tylomelania perfecta is a rather drab brown color and is called the “Chocolate Rabbit Snail”. This species is riverine from the area around Lake Poso. This species is easy to ID as the wild caught snails have lots of wear on their shells due to the fast flowing water and corrosive substrate they live on. Interestingly, captive bred specimens lack this characteristic.

Tylomelania sp. “poso yellow” commonly called the “Poso Yellow Elephant Snail”

Tylomelania sp. “white spot”. I haven’t been able to ID what species this is exactly, so if anyone has an idea, please let me know. I believe it is either Tylomelania patriarchilis, Tylomelania towutica, or Tylomelania towutensis.

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One Response to New Tylomelania!

  1. These are cool; the dwarf yellow looks like a zebra!

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