New Article on Archocentrus spinosissimus!

I’ve just written a new article on Archocentrus spinosissimus for the online magazine Central Scene. The article is part of an issue focused on fish of the genus Archocentrus. The main points of the article is to cover the husbandry, taxonomic history, and neat behaviors of this rare fish. Check it out, it’s free to download the magazine!

Archocentrus spinosissimus article can be seen in the 3rd issue of Central Scene. Click the link below and click on the third issue to view the article. Enjoy!

Central Scene and Article

Archocentrus spinosissimus female guarding fry.

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2 Responses to New Article on Archocentrus spinosissimus!

  1. Hi Sam!

    Finally got to read this article – it was very interesting.

    What does it mean to be a heroine cichlid? Also, how do the parents hang the fry from the plants? Just wondering. I know you’re busy, so you can answer whenever.

  2. Sam Borstein says:

    Heroine cichlids are a group of closely related cichlids from primarily North & Central America with a few species from South America. They are able to hang the fry in the plants because once the eggs hatch the larvae have a adhesive glad on their heads that allows them to stick. Many cichlids have larvae with this adhesive gland, but there are not that many that hang their fry.

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