Speaking at the GCCA Cichlid Classic May 23rd and 24th

I’ll be presenting two talks at the GCCA Cichlid Classic in Chicago May 23rd-24th. One will focus on broadscale evolutionary patterns in cichlids while the other will revolve around research my collaborators and I have done on the Nile perch invasion of Lake Victoria. Come check out the show and the talks, it should be a good time and I hope to see you there. More info on the convention and my talks are below:


Friday May 23rd 8:30 pm- Current Cichlid Research: Focus on new findings about cichlid evolution.

Saturday May 24th 1pm- The Lake Victorian Extinction Revisited.

“Cichlasoma” grammodes also known as the Sieve Cichlid for the lines and dots on its face.

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