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Heros notatus- The Spotted Severum

I recently was able to get a wild group of Heros notatus, the Spotted Severum, from Guyana. I’ve never kept a Heros species before, so I was quite excited to give this South American heroine cichlid a try. Heros notatus occurs in Brazil, French Guinea, … Continue reading

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The Fish Are In The New Tank!

With the new 6 foot tank up and running and looking great I added some fish to the tank. The main goal of the tank is to set up my ‘Cichlasoma’ atromaculatum “Rio San Juan, Colombia” up to spawn for a … Continue reading

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Setting Up the Six Foot Tank

I recently got access to using a 180 gallon tank in our lab to hopefully breed some fish for my research. I set it up the other day and am quite excited to get some fish in it in a … Continue reading

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Fish From Home Pt. 2: Livebearers

Long time no post. Unfortunately, school has gotten the best of my time lately. Here are some of the livebearers that are being kept at my home in Chicago that I was able to see during spring break.

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Fish From Home Pt. 1: The Cichlids

Last week was spring break so I was able to go home and spend some time with my family back in Chicago. There are some really neat fish still in the tanks back in the midwest. By far one of … Continue reading

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Tylomelania gemmifera “Yellow Antenna” Baby!

Got my first baby from my group of Tylomelania gemmifera “Yellow Antenna”. This is a very attractive snail species from the island of  Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is endemic to Lake Matano. Although it is a rather inactive species compared to … Continue reading

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Tomocichla tuba update- 9/7/11

The little Tomocichla tuba I’ve been raising are doing quite well and have grown a bunch. They are now a little over 2″ long! They’ve completely lost their cut baby bumblebee pattern and now look like mini copies of their … Continue reading

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